TV guide for Dish Network

When you want to install the TV guide service from Dish Network you need to enter the zip code and to select a satellite. The TV guide provides an interface with all the channels’ names and numbers and what programs is on, how much time is left from it and what is next.

The guide offers information that can be accessed any time.

It also shows you the MPAA rating of the program, information about the movie such as actors or subtitles. You can select stereo sound or not.

The TV guide stretches a few days ahead of today and this helps you make a schedule. The Guide has a special feature that groups TV shows that are of the same type together. You can also use the search feature to search for a certain program by entering a keyword related to it. There are many other features available, such as creating a list of favorite channels, or setting a timer to pop up when a TV show is next or just use it as alarm clock. Dish network also offers News and Weather with its services and interactive games.

Dish Network offers several packages to serve the desires of everyone. They start from a 50 channel package and go up to 250 channels. The HDTV option is free for everyone together with the DVR.

As it seems right now, satellite TV is taking the face of cable TV with its great features and bigger number of channels.

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