What are TV antenna boosters?

TV antenna boosters are tools used when you reception signal on the TV is not very good and you want to improve the quality of the image and sound. By installing these boosters you practically strengthen the signal on the TV and the image on the screen recovers. The reason why the signal can be poor is because it has to travel a long way through cables until it finally reaches the TV.

With the booster installed the signal will get better. Find out more about installing TV antenna booster below.

There are other reasons why the signal gets weakened. For example splitters. For this reason you should install the booster before the splitter not after.

There are more types of boosters. The one that is best for you depends on the amount of signal that gets lost. The measuring unit used is dB. You have to include the loss due to loss of signal and due to the splitter. The loss through the splitter depends on its type. When you have the final amount calculated, you have to get an antenna booster that is with 10 dB more than the lost signal. You have to be very careful with this because a wrongly chosen booster can damage your TV.

TV antenna boosters for RVs need a power supply. This means you have to connect the booster to the battery or to a land generator or supply for when the engine is off.

While a TV antenna booster will only prevent signal loss, they will not improve signals that are weak from the origin.

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