PC satellite TV reviews

This review is purposed to help you decide whether is it worth or not to buy a PC satellite TV software.

Basically the PC satellite TV software creates an interface that allows you to connect and watch thousands of free broadcasted channels over the internet. These are the channels that you could receive for free by installing an antenna on your roof and connecting it to your TV.

It is very important that before you buy such software you assure that your internet connection speed is very high, not slow, not decent, but high. Why is this? Because the channels need such a speed in order to load normally, otherwise you will just get very mad at the amount of time that it will take to watch a channel and you will get interrupted images, which is very frustrating. This type of software is available at a cost of 40 to 80 dollars or even for free.

Be careful what you download though. There are a lot of viruses along with this type of software. Once you install the software it will give you access to the wide range of programs available.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that these software will get them HBO or Cinemax. This is not true. These are paid channels and you will need a TV subscription and pay monthly fees to watch them. Still, with PC TV software you don’t have to pay any fees.

About the channels that you will have access to, they will be in all languages. Also the TV shows that are broadcasted are usually old shoes just rebroadcasted. Another issue is the poor video quality of the broadcast. The money back guarantee is also said to be a scam.

Hopefully you can make a decision after reading this review. If not, you can read more reviews and decide then.

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