What is the effect of 3D TVs on your eyes?

Watching a movie in 3D is certainly a more exciting experience and feels great. But it is already known that prolonged exposure to television will weaken the eyes, so let’s see if watching 3D movies will do this 3 times worse.

Researchers say that watching 3D movies does hurt the wyes very bad.

This idea comes from the fact that when we see a 3d object close to us in reality, our eyes converge, and when we see it at a distance they diverge. Your eyes accommodate to the distance so that the image is formed on the center of the retinas.

3D images are formed by showing one image to an eye and another image to the other eye. This creates an effect that produces in our eyes a 3D image. When this happens, the accommodation of the eyes gets into conflict because one time they focus on the screen and one time they have to converge or diverge according to the 3D image and its distance in space. So you eyes will sometimes converge at 6 meters and then at a distance of 3 meters. This is wrong because in the same time they are focused at the fixed distance that it to the screen. So this is where the problem comes from.

Some of the complaints after watching a 3D movie are eye fatigue, motion sickness, disorientation, headaches etc.

Big manufacturers have warnings that forbid prolonged watching of 3D images and they are making aware the negative effects of this. Kids very importantly have to maintain the seeing of 3d images at a minimum because their eyes are still forming and this could develop strange ocular functions. Other people who already have eye problems are not recommended to watch 3D.

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