The Idea of television

An experiment was conducted in 1997 regarding television. A group of 5 children that were 5 years old were shown a part of the soap opera Party of Five. At the end of the viewing the children started to discuss about their lives related to what they saw on the show.

The discussion was changed by a philosopher in the direction whether a person should commit crime if it is in noble purposes. A few months later the same part of the show was shown to a group of graduate students. They also started to speak about their lives but in more complicated terms, although the basic discussion was the same as with the 5 year olds.

The purpose of the studies was to show that television provokes moral debate about life problems. This is why some people are considering that television should be used to properly suggest such discussions, and not with any TV show but with soap operas. This is because the events in soap operas as well as the characters are things that most people can identify with, become more personal about them.

In the television show there are fictional characters that explore their life issues and uncertainties. When the persons watching start discussing about these fictional characters, they start discussing about the similarities in their lives. Using a soap opera to create a discussion between people is a big tool in making people reconsider their attitude regarding their personal life.

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