About car satellite TV

Satellite TV for cars is gaining more and more popularity among Americans. The purpose of this service is to use it while you travel usually to eliminate you boredom. Also kids are very fond with begin able to watch their favorite cartoons while traveling.

This keeps them busy. Below you will find out how this system works.

There is no difference in the functioning of satellite TV in cars and in your homes. On top of the car you will install a dish antenna and inside you will have a receiver. You will also need a tilting device that keeps the antenna faced in the correct way to ensure proper receiving of the signal. You shouldn’t worry about someone stealing the antenna from the car’s roof because it is installed in a way that prevents this.

The antenna is small, usually five inches tall. It uses power from the car’s power supply. You can install more than one screen inside the car to receive the same signal.

Regarding the signal received by the antenna, it is known that tall building disrupt it a little. Still, the antenna receives clear signal even after 175 km/h. Also don’t worry about the antenna interfering with the GPS navigation.

The costs of a regular satellite TV system for your car are pretty high. You will pay up to 3500$ on the equipment which includes the satellite dish, the receiver and the remote. The price differs between various satellite TV companies. Then, you will also have to pay for the video screening. It’s your decision how much. After that you will have to deal with the monthly payments towards the service provider. The well known providers RaySat and KVH Industries are a good choice.

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