The top 3D HDTVs in 2011

The article below will present you some of the top 3D HDTVs that emerged in 2011 and their features.

The latest technology is used in making 3 HDTVs. This is why the number of models that have this technology at a good quality is not high.

We will present you some of the most known models in the article below.

Panasonic TC-P54VT25

One of the top 3D TVs on the market, this TV uses special glasses with a shutter that opens and closes 120 times per second, powered by a battery. This plasma TV has the great benefit of being used also as a 2D television. There are also other special features that the TV has such as a web browsing service or the digital photo viewer. You can connect the Panasonic TC-P54VT25 with other electronic devices through the video and audio inputs. It also has other inputs. If you decide to buy such a television you should pay around 2.200$.


The special feature of this TV is called the ‘Intelligent Presence Sensor with Face Detection’ that basically analyses if there is someone watching the TV by scanning the area around and if not it turns the screen off. So, this technology is based on the purpose of saving energy. Also the special sensors that determine the position of the viewer automatically adjust the volume balance and the image. Again we are talking about a TV that can also be used in 2D and glasses are needed for the 3D viewing. With great image adjusting features, the Sony BRAVIA XBR-60LX900 can easily be named the best 3D LED TV with a price range of 3,984.99$.

LG 55LX9500

We can say that from the point of view of the technology, the LG 55LX9500 has the same features as the earlier mentioned televisions, but all in a much better looking design. It offers the greatest features in matter of brightness, contrast, viewing angles, color. You also need the special shutter glasses to watch the 3D images. The price for this one reaches 2000$.

This review of some of the best 3D HDTVs should have made you understand a little further the features of such a TV and what to look for when choosing one for yourself. You will probably have some problems before you get used with the shutter glasses but after that you will enjoy every second.

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