Information about PC TV software

With the use of special software you can access satellite TV directly on your computer. To find out more about this, we have made this article with advantages and disadvantages of the system.

PC TV software is gaining more and more popularity in the technological world.

What makes it so popular is the advantages that the software brings. The first and main advantage is the fact that you only have to pay for the software and this is done only once. After that there are no more costs for you to worry about.

The biggest question is whether PC TV should be chosen in favor of satellite TV. Well, there are reasons that strongly prove you shouldn’t. In first hand, the quality of the image provided by PC TV is nowhere comparable with the image you get on your TV. Another disadvantage of PC TV is that it depends on your internet connection. If your connection is weak then the image will be disrupted. Other features such as DVR of HDTV that come with normal satellite TV are not available on your PC. So the main conclusion seems to be that PC TV is nothing but a last solution in viewing television.

But PC TV doesn’t come just with disadvantages. Actually there are some really strong points about it. Also don’t worry that you are doing something illegal because the signal that you receive are entirely legal.

The range of programs is way larger than with normal satellite TV reaching almost 100 channels.

Still, you should read more about PC TV in other reviews because probably it is not such a good idea for know to invest in such a service as it seems to be pretty ineffective in reality.

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