The most known TV brands

When someone enters a shop and wants to buy a TV, the first thing that happens is that he gets confused. That’s because there are just so many variables to choose from. This article will show you some of the best TV brands there are in order to make that confusion go away.

There are 4 TV brands in the top 4 in the entire world.


Samsung offers Plasmas, LEDs and LCDs to make you feel like in a theater when you’re at home. With great features in the field of picture quality, design, and price vs value, Samsung keeps the lead in the battle of the top TV brand.


The best digital TV imaging quality is what keeps Sony at the top. It’s just next after Samsung and their LCDs sell all over the world like hot bread. If you choose Sony, you choose the biggest lifespan for your TV. Their series Bravia seems to grow bigger and bigger every day and it is a great success.


Their main aspect regarding televisions is the high definition TVs with extraordinary detailing that make you think the images are real. Another great thing about Panasonic is that they managed to keep the price low offering great HDTVs. You should go for the VIERA series that seems t have been a huge success for the company.


LG brings great features to the table, with its LCD TVs that offer a clearer image, a wide-viewing angle and natural picture. The biggest hit of LG is the LG 55LD650. The key aspect of an LG television is the extraordinary clear picture it has.

Even though they are in the top, the list of TV brands can go on for a very long period of time.

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