Providers of satellite TV

You can use several facilities that satellite TV providers offer in order to compare them. For example, the price or the channels. Below is a comparison of the main satellite TV networks.


Providing television services from 1984, you will find a list with the plans offered by the company below.

The Family Package: It is 45 channels large and costs 29.99 dollars per month. The package contains local broadcast channels and 5 SonicTap Music channels.

The Premier Package: This package extends to a number of 265 channels. With a monthly payment of 65 dollars you can get access to channels such as HBO, Showtime and Sports Pack and you also get free lease upgrade for an HD receiver, DVR and HD DVR. It also provides 84 SonicTap Music channels.

The CHOICE XTRA Package: Costs only 34.99 dollars and has a range of 277 channels of which 77 are of SonicTap Music. It also provides the free lease upgrade from the package above.

The CHOICE Package: Also 29.99 dollars. In this package you obtain features such as 150 channels and 55 SonicTap Music channels plus a range of local channels.

DISH Network

It is the direct competitor of DIRECTV. You will be provided with the description of 4 of their packages in order to help you make a comparison between the two companies.

America’s ‘Everything’ Pack: It is a big package with 250 channels available and 31 premium movie channels. Besides this the users get regional sports network depending on his geographical location.

America’s Top 250: As the name suggests it contains the top 200 channels of America plus other 55 channels. It costs 68 dollars per month.

America’s Top 200: This package offers great sports channels and other popular entertainment and news channels. At the price of 54.99 dollars per month you get access to channels such as NFL Network, NHL Network, NBA TV and others.

America’s Top 120: This represents the cheapest package, at 42 dollars per month and it offers 120 channels.

This review was purposed to help the customers decide which company of satellite TV is more suitable for them.

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