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Types of residential TV antenna towers

Types of residential TV antenna towers


There are two main categories of residential TV antenna towers: bracketed towers and self supported towers.

Bracketed Towers

This is the most common type. They require a solid structure to install the bracket but there is no need for a concrete foundation.

You can mount the tower using stakes. The distance between the antenna and the bracket must be at most 20 meters. Bracketed antenna towers are cheaper, and that is why they are more popular. But there are downsides to this type of structure, and the most important one is that the tower depends on the structure that holds it, it cannot support itself. There have been many recorded accidents related to towers that have fallen.

Self-supported Towers

They are different from the other type because of their stability. They are though more expensive. The base that supports the antenna is what gives stability to it. This makes it very easy to place them in any location and that is what manufacturers count on to sell them. But since there was no need for concrete for the bracketed towers, for these ones there is. Still, we can’t find any disadvantage for this type of towers other than the big price.

Even though people say that they have bad signal during monsoons, the real reason why the signal gets lost is that the antenna structure gets clogged with water. To eliminate this issue you can opt for an open channel design of the antenna.

One very important fact to take into consideration when installing antennas is your safety that’s why you need to call a professional team to handle this. And remember to always check the base of the antenna.

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