Features of a mirror TV

From the necessity of one person, there was born an innovative technology called a mirror TV. It looks like a normal mirror but when you turn it on the reflection turns into a TV. Now that they are available to the general public, we wanted to share some of this new technology’s features in order to understand it better.

Mostly a decorative gadget that can improve the look of your room, the mirror tv is actually a two-way polarized mirror. On the back it has the LCD TV so when it’s turned on this will show in the mirror and when off the mirror will show your reflection.

This gadget presents many features such as touch screen, ATSC digital tuners and more. Because of the fog-free glass you can place this in a bathroom. But what you most certainly don’t know is that you can place it in the bathtub also.

When you think about purchasing a new mirror TV you should consider some things. First of all look for quality first. Don’t settle at the first model you see. Concentrate on the big, more known brands. Match the color of the mirror with the rest of the décor. You can pay from 2000$ up to 10000$ for a mirror TV. The price depends on many features such as waterproofing for example. The cost grows with the additional features.

There are also qualities that make mirror tv a must-have. For example the thickness which is smaller than other LCDs. This is a great gadget for technology freaks. This is a great technological improvement to any household and it will capture attention immediately. Most importantly, there is no maintenance to worry about.

If you have the money, you should buy this gadget for sure.

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