Building a TV antenna at home

Having cable TV is not really a cheap thing, and sometimes you don’t even need all those extra TV channels. Add this to the fact that you are a do-it-yourself-er and here is the need to build you own TV antenna.

There are two methods to build an antenna.

For the first one you are going to need a needle and a speaker wire or other type of wire if you don’t have that one.

Now, take the wire and wrap it around the needle, as tight as you can. Now connect the end of the wire to a metallic object. Then, place it somewhere high but not in near field of the TV.

Now go to the TV and search for the UHF antenna port. When you find it, insert the needle in the port. The idea is to move the antenna until you see the image on the TV. Search for the spot that offers you the best reception.

The second method is good for HDTV antenna using a can. Take the can and cut it in half. Then attach the two pieces to a wooden piece with furniture tape. Choose one side of the cable and strip it. See the copper wire and the screening wire. Separate them. Now, take one wire and attach it to one piece of can and the other two together.

Place the antenna very high and on a perpendicular position towards the TV tower. Connect it to the TV. Search for channels. Homemade antennas don’t compare with conventional ones, meaning they don’t provide the same number of channels, or the same quality or not even the same safety features.

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