About 3D television

3D television is starting to take shape. With researchers in the entire world working on improving the technology, things are taking lots of new turns. Still, not even with special 3D glasses, in the stage the technology is now, the human eye cannot watch 3D images with clarity and great resolution.

When this technology will be created, the possibilities will be unlimited. We will be able to watch things in a much more captivating way, even make presentations or transmissions.

What this technology represents will look something like this’ image you can place yourself on the field while your favorite football team is playing; imagine you can enter the body of your favorite TV actor and see the movie through his eyes. You must understand that this is going to be real, it is not just SF.

The ones responsible for the development of this technology is 3DTV, because they are the biggest and the only ones that can really pull it off eventually. There are some prototypes that apparently can show a video in 3D format.

Now let’s understand a little how this technology works. It is actually pretty simple. Think about it like this, we already see in 3 dimensions. This is because we have two eyes that catch different images that our brain transforms in 3D images. The technology works similar to this. The cameras will be places at exactly 7 centimeters from each other, the same way our eyes are.

Researchers are working continuously on making more and more improvements regarding this technology and hopefully one day we will be able to experience it at its maximum.

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