Dish Network or Direct TV?

These are two of the greatest names in the home entertainment industry in U.S. They are both great providers, and this makes a choice between the two very difficult.

The best way to make a decision is by deciding what you want first, and then verifying which of the two providers fulfils your desires best. Below is a comparison between the two networks that is supposed to help you in your decision.

Dish Network, being one of the top providers of television, sums a total of 14.3 million subscribers. They offer not only television, but audio programming and interactive services as well. The company started in 1996 and keeps growing and growing.

DirecTV, can brag with a customer base of 18 million users. Apart from the usual services, this network also offers internet services. Offering services since 1994, DirecTV developed its own packages with programs such as the NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR Hot Pass that are not available on other networks.


Being satellite providers they both have the same upsides and downside. Still, there are some facts that differentiate the two. Dish Network has the advantage over the Digital Video Recorder service. They both offer HDTV channels, but Dish Network developed a system that offers channels depending on the region where the subscriber leaves in. The price also stands in favor of Dish Network, starting from 24.99$ in comparison to the 29.99$ starting price of DirecTV. Still, the extra dollars are explained by the bigger list of HD channels and the sports packages that only they have.

The facts mentioned above should be enough to make a decision. If you want, you can view some reviews of the Cable TV companies too because you cannot eliminate this option so easily.

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